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Our primary goal is providing the public with the best possible Chiropractic health care.

Winter is upon us !

Slipping on the ice, shoveling, skiing, snowmobiling, and other winter activities can wreak havoc on your back.  If you've worked or played too…

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Summer is Here!

We hope you are enjoying the beautiful summer weather after such a long and cold winter. As you get outside more and engage in more activities, make…

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We Are Adding On!

Actually, we have been adding on for some time now.

  • All of the staff; doctors and support staff alike, have been adding to their job…

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A cutting edge program that will allow you access to your health care records!

The doctors and staff are excited about entering a new era in health care. We are in the early stages of qualification for a program that will allow…

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Quality and Quantity

Too many times in our lives we become overly concerned with quantity at the expense of quality. Thinking that bigger is better can be a real problem…

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Exercise: Who Needs It?

Everyone! There isn't anyone who can't benefit from exercise. The benefits of exercise are too numerous to list in this newsletter. Studies show benefits…

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Chiropractic in Wisconsin

Did you know that over half the adult population in Wisconsin receive chiropractic care? In a survey conducted at St. Norbert College Survey Center…

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